ABC Legacy


Richard O'Leary, President of ABC's Owned and Operated Stations in the 1970's and '80's, in an ad for Kodak

“My own opinion of whether a particular program is good or bad comes when I ask myself a simple question: Does this enhance or demean the human condition?”

            Richard O’Leary

            President of ABC-owned Television Stations &

            ABC’s international relations, 1970-1984


Richard O’Leary, former president of ABC-TV's owned & operated stations and its international division, established a legacy of award-winning, responsible, community-oriented entertainment that influenced viewers and the industry itself on a global scale. 


Following in her father’s tradition of creating exemplary television programming, Karen O’Leary is in the process of putting “vision” back into television. KO is developing television programming destined to breed leadership among its viewers. Television that takes the high road and provides fuel for viewers to do the same.


KO’s programming cultivates – rather than diminishes – the intelligence, good will and resolve of viewers to engage with their communities and launch their dreams of making the world a better place.